System utility written in python. It can be used to burn an OS iso file into an usb disk using the on OS X.

showtimes-api (deprecated)

JSON based REST API for Movie Showtimes Worldwide. Data received from Google Movies for showtimes, OpenStreetMap Nominatim for location metadata of theatres and TheMovieDB for movie metadata such as poster, description or movie info. English and Spanish supported.


Find bike parkings @ Alcalá de Henares.

Personal website source code.


Browser extension for It allows you find anonymous logins for the current webpage without leaving it. Chrome & Safari.


Download your own extra content for Plex: Interviews, Trailer, Behind the Scenes… Linux & OS X.

morfilms-app iOS / Android

Morfilms helps you organise your upcoming movies list and checks for you how many days are left for each movie to be released in your country, and you can have a release notification so you won’t miss any film you want to see! You can also add released films and use it as a simple watchlist, and see recently released movies.